‘Tis the season. We recognize and celebrate so many holidays in our country, there is always a special occasion right around the corner. There is a significant portion of the population who are attracted to seasonal promotions: pumpkin spice, green beer, Americana…The list goes on. People love having something to look forward to, and something to celebrate! Even if your product or service isn’t necessarily seasonal, your business can still benefit from every holiday.

Choose your battles wisely:

The digital age has brought an immense amount of competition to advertising. Because of this, you no longer have to worry about trying to create the Best Ad Ever every time. If you create elaborate promos for every single holiday, you become Art Van Furniture. No one cares about your ‘holiday prices;’ it has been done too many times. Potential customers are desensitized, and people no longer recognize the value in your business. Take holidays as an opportunity to engage your customers and enjoy added exposure; but at the end of the day, your campaign or sale should be able to stand on its own year-round.

Make your Marketing specific to your business:

If not, the campaign will not be effective. Even though a holiday is a simple “what’s trending,” you don’t want to get caught up in a Marketing situation that will be confusing to your customers and/or not jibe with the nature of your business. Your time and resources are better placed with a campaign that will actually yield results, and that means connecting with your customer base.

Go big or go home:

If you decide that a seasonal or holiday Marketing campaign could benefit your business, then make it count! Determine your budget and plan accordingly; be sure you are able to afford execution of the campaign without issue. For example, you’ll notice many food brands choose to digitally engage with consumers around holidays: Lays and Doritos hosting online competitions near Superbowl time, Pepsi promotes heavily at the beginning of summer. Television example: think of all those Coca-Cola ads around Christmastime, and the big Back-to-School push for fall.

Take advantage of the engagement opportunity:

This type of promotion is perfectly suited to social media. As we mentioned earlier, you want to make your Marketing specific. However, it’s smart to take advantage of a chance to ‘join the conversation’. More than likely, you will not receive actual engagement in conversation, but your followers will appreciate the effort and take a minute to admire your post. Even a simple “Merry Christmas,” or “Enjoy your holiday weekend” will be enough to be noticed by current and potential customers.

The next couple of months is chock full of holiday Marketing opportunities. Use them wisely – and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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