Social Media is a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing provides an opportunity to expose your brand, with an important added benefit; allowing companies the chance to engage in conversation with loyal customers and create relationships with new ones.   This engagement leads to positive customer reviews, feedback, suggestions and brand loyalty.… Read More

Why Marketing is a Must   Companies of all sizes tend to run business through the responsibilities of various departments. Chances are, each department has a large workload and a budget to reflect their perceived importance. When budgets are tight, which department is first to get their budget slashed? More than likely, it’s the Marketing… Read More

‘Tis the season. We recognize and celebrate so many holidays in our country, there is always a special occasion right around the corner. There is a significant portion of the population who are attracted to seasonal promotions: pumpkin spice, green beer, Americana…The list goes on. People love having something to look forward to, and something… Read More

The year is 2004. Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook early in the year. This social network is to be made available exclusively to Harvard students; at the time, ‘Myspace’ was the universal social network to the rest of the universe. Facebook slowly expands to surrounding universities until eventually, 2006 brought the opportunity for anyone to register.… Read More

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New and bracing content is crucial for organic search engine optimization. Updated content allows the web to know your business is still interested in engaging with consumers and continuing to accept new customers. But even when you understand its importance, creating original content can be intimidating.   For one, it carries the feel of public… Read More

Thank you, internet. You’re allowing the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and provide myself with income. It’s great – in fact, there are countless opportunities to work online from home, as Pinterest and many bloggers have let you in on. Articles and lists have been made of suggesting home based businesses. One thing they… Read More

Why the Midwest? Marketing a local product, service or business is a no-brainer for the local marketing agency. They know their audience and understand the supply and demand of the area. But what if you are looking to take your business national? Is your agency in New Jersey going to understand how to reach the… Read More

Digital consumer behavior is a relatively new, but vital aspect of your Marketing plan. Understanding how your target shopper ticks is imperative when building your digital brand,  and growing online sales. Typically, consumer behavior studies have been employed by retailers to understand the different types of buyers, and to increase impulse shopping. So, how does… Read More

Welcome to Evolution Digital! Having seen the birth of the Internet and the dawn of Internet Marketing, I’ve watch the cost of digital marketing steadily decrease and the ability to reach the right customers at the right time become ever more available. With all the new tools and services at their fingertips, it’s never been… Read More